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Just imagine – the turquoise waters of a lagoon, the whiteness of snow- and ice-covered landscapes, the warm hue of liquid gold in a honeycomb, sand patterns formed by the wind, the structures of soil and ground borrowed from original and natural landscapes.

GUAXS wall tiles want to take you on an emotional and imaginative journey by transforming walls into screens for pure structures, sensual textures and delicate colours. In the captivating interplay of light, reflections and shades, the surfaces do become alive.


With their organic and purposeful irregularity of shape, the tiles are a contemporary reinterpretation of old stone work and brick, hence offering new expressive modes to our customers. When touching the tiles, you will be reminded of all this. Our extraordinary wall tiles also have the ability to redefine spaces and create different atmospheres for each room. With GUAXS wall tiles, our customers are given the opportunity to design their favorite surroundings uniquely, thus giving each room the desired ambience. Depending on their colour and texture, an impression of luxury, fresh coolness or warm cosiness can be achieved.

GUAXS wall tiles, which are intended for wall covering and interior use, are manufactured from hand-pressed and hand-cut glass. We have developed 6 shades with special cutworks which perfectly embody the GUAXS spirit.

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